2/6 New council member announcement.

This is to inform you that Jonathan Pasternak joined the ALBOS council member.

2/1 New video released!

We released a new video of ALBOS. Please have a look.

1/31 ALBOS Start listing application.

ALBOS officially launched the listing application procedure on the major exchange Bittrex in USA and Korea's major exchange Upbit via special route.
We will continue to accelerate overseas operations and actively participate in exchange listing along with that.

1/29 Conclusion of ALBOS partnership.

ALBOS has concluded a partnership on marketing in China and Hong Kong with Bitwork of Hong Kong which is a partner of BINANCE.
By concluding this partnership, we will actively develop ALBOS in China and Hong Kong.
→ BITWORK website

1/23 License of Cryptocurrency Exchange Business acquired.

We are pleased to be inform you that ALBOS acquired a license corresponding to the cryptocurrency exchange business in Estonia.
We will open a cryptocurrency exchange completely different from existing things.
In order to construct a new gateway in settlement, we will start offering ALBOS crypto gateway which can instantly exchange from cryptocurrency to cash, cash to cryptocurrency, Japanese Yen to Dollar etc. on the ALBOS platform.


What is Albos?

Albos ensures the timeliness and security of settlement in blockchain as well as the acceleration of funds in settlement.
For cryptocurrencies to become part of the global infrastructure used in today's societies, more actual demand needs to be created by making cryptocurrencies a tool for payments and money transfers that improves people's lives.

It is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency conceived of as both a currency and a mediator coin, designed with the needs of users, issuers, and acquirers in mind.
Albos will disrupt the value chain in payment scenes and provide innovative settlement algorithms.

ALBOS payment service solves this issue

with a hybrid system that combines a truly discrete and decentralized system on a public block chain with and off-chain system,
using the merits of global services and cryptoeconomy as a whole to build a cutting-edge payment platform that anyone can use.


Almost no stores will accept a payment
method in which the consumer must wait a long time for the payment to be completed.


The relatively high transaction fee on the cryptocurrency network.


The price of the cryptocurrency fluctuates dramatically and can be a speculative purpose.


    Dynamic Private Block Chain will settle the settlement time in only 1 second.


    It is a cryptocurrency that solves settlement issues such as settlement fee and early deposit.


    ALBOS is guaranteed by insurance companies.


    You can manage your cryptocurrencies and credit cards with one universal card.

  • AI PAY

    “AI Pay” recommends best deals credit card, and highest rate of cryptocurrency and exchanges at settlement


The transaction assures visible witness and its chain, and an invisible witness's swarm surrounding the witness guarantees its contents.

Therefore, it is possible to settle the settlement time in only 1 second.


"Mediator Coin" is a cryptocurrency that realizes innovative functions such as collapsing the value chain of settlement, accelerating funds and reducing the cost.
It is a cryptocurrency that realizes early capitalization, transaction lending and cost reduction between Merchant store and Acquirer, which had been a problem until now.

The current non-cash payment methods, credit cards and e-money, have transaction fees of 2-5% and 2-4% respectively. ALBOS payment service provides a cryptocurrency payment service with lower transaction fees than these methods, which provides the key to popularization of payments by cryptocurrency.


"ALBOS SAFE BOX" is implemented in ALBOS wallet, not only keep ALBOS safely, it also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If someone try to steal your cryptocurrency, we guarantee 100% by insurance company as long as “ALBOS” and other cryptocurrency are saved in “ALBOS SAFE BOX”.


Our wallets are now crammed with several plastic cards—credit cards, ATM cards, point cards, membership cards, etc. and our cryptocurrencies are kept in multiple wallets.
The greatest features of the ALBOS card is consolidate all of these card informations, wallets and cryptocurrencies into ONE universal card. In a scene using a credit card, it is possible to choose the brands of the cards freely.

ALBOS card has the same size as credit card.
However, it contains a paper battery and CPU, and is capable of wireless transmission via Bluetooth.
Our APP provides recommendation service, and management system controls all the history. ALBOS card can storage up to 20 cards, and you can manage your assets through virtual bank account.


Connecting the ALBOS Card to your smartphone via Bluetooth enables it to link with GPS and recommend the best credit card for making settlement among those usable in your current area.

Choose the best deals credit card such as a high point return rate and discount rate. With the wallet function attached to the ALBOS card you can also use multiple cryptocurrencies you have.

We will recommend the highest rate of cryptocurrency and exchanges at settlement by linking with the recommendation function.


  • ALBOS concept created.

    ALBOS & MARE PERTNERS OÜ was established.

  • Development of the ALBOS system Phase1.

    To conduct Token Private Sale.

  • Listing on the cryptocurrency exchange.

    "Token X"

  • Growing ALBOS Platform.

    ALBOS will release cold wallet.

  • Development of the ALBOS system Phase 3.

    Launch of ALBOS VISA or MASTER prepaid card.

  • ALBOS will upgrade to the latest version

    of Universal Card.

  • ALBOS will complete all platform.

  • ALBOS released Website and White paper.

    To conduct Token Pre Private sale.

  • Development of the ALBOS system Phase2.

    To conduct Token Pre sale.

  • ALBOS will release ARBITRAGE system

    with BlockHASH Inc.

  • We are planning to be listed on the global

    major exchanges such as Bitfinex, Huobi, etc.

  • Growing ALBOS Platform.

    ALBOS will release crypto gateway.

  • Development of the ALBOS system Phase4.

    Launch of AI pay.

  • 2018 January

    ALBOS concept created.

    ALBOS & MARE PERTNERS OÜ was established.

  • 2018 March

    ALBOS released Website and White paper.

    To conduct Token Pre Private Sale.

  • 2018 April

    Development of the ALBOS system Phase1.

    To conduct Token Private Sale.

  • 2018 May

    Development of the ALBOS system Phase2.

    To conduct Token Pre Sale.

  • 2018 August

    Listing on the cryptocurrency exchange.

    Token X.

  • 2018 December

    ALBOS will release ARBITRAGE system

    with BlockHASH Inc.

  • 2019 January

    Grwoing ALBOS platform.

    ALBOS will release cold wallet.

  • Early 2019

    We are planning to list on the global major

    exchanges such as Bitfinex, Huobi, etc.

  • 2019 March

    Development of the ALBOS system Phase 3.

    Launch of ALBOS VISA or MASTER prepaid card.

  • 2019 April

    Growing ALSBO Pplatform.

    ALBOS will release crpto gateway.

  • 2019 May

    ALBOS will upgrade to the latest version

    of Universal Card.

  • 2019 June

    Development of the ALBOS system Phase4.

    Launch of AI pay.

  • 2019 September

    ALBOS will complete all platform.


  • Makarov Dmitry


    Mr. Dmitry Makarov is a Head of Legal Direction in Micro Money ICO Production Group. He has a vast experience in providing legal services to many ICO projects. As a professional, he believes in the future of crypto-Economics.
    Mr. Makarov's opinion is based on his twenty years of practice as a lawyer, including extensive experience in Public Policy Administration (PPA), GR, financial consulting, stock and Forex markets, audit, due diligence and legal support of IPO, etc.
    Mr. Makarov used to act as an advisor at the level of Parliament, State Government, Supreme Court, Head of State. He is an author of many laws in the field of public finance. His academic experience includes more than 80 scientific researches in the field of management of public processes.

  • Anton Dzyatkovskiy

    Chief Strategist

    Successful entrepreneur, diplomatic negotiator, creative expert in marketing and blockchain. He has more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail and E-Commerce. He has founded the Micro Money project in 2015 and since then he provides microfinancial services to quickly growing Asian market at his offices in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia by using blockchain technology.
    Now he is setting up “Platinum ICO Factory” for all new promising cryptocurrency project as a real expert of ICO, exchange listing, market making.


  • Yigal Amedi

    Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem City

    Born and raised in Israel. After serving as secretary general of the Channel 2, the largest commercial broadcaster in Israel, he served as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem City for 16 years. Since he was the flag of the Likud campaign in the 1980's, he has extensive network of people in the political and business world.
    In the field of business, he has worked extensively, including serving as a director of the Israel lottery business company and as a chairman of NurMagen Company, which handles solar power generation and recycling business. He is well versed in the cultural and arts business, and serves as a chairman of the Israeli Council for Culture and Art. Currently he is Director of Regional Policy Center at Magid Institute of Hebrew University.

  • Richard Oh

    Payment Specialist

    Richard Oh is the GM of Asia for Cred ( a decentralized lending platform that provides easy access to credit for customers who hold crypto assets. Prior to joining Cred, he was at PayPal for over 18 years where most recently he was the Head of the APAC Payments team building out its payment’s platform and partnerships with banks, payment networks and processors.
    Richard Oh is a fintech enthusiast and believes strongly in easy decentralized access to financial services and digital payments. His financial services experience involves many diverse areas such as product management, business development, partner management, credit, issuing, acquiring, cash management and electronic payments.

  • Damiano Joon-Ho Jeong

    IPO Specialist

    Since 1989, he has served as CEO in many companies. In the past he experienced arcade game dealers, acquires licenses of Japanese character and direct development product sales. Since 2003, as a Korea fund manager at Japan IPO Securities co., ltd., he directly invested in Korea listed/unlisted company and also involved in customer management and management of many companies.
    After selling the company in 2007, he has a brilliant careers such as RedMobile Co., ltd. Vice president, East Interactive co., ltd. Vice president, Smilegate co., ltd. Global IP business senior director.
    Currently he conducts management consulting and investment business as Interactive Edulab co., ltd. CEO, and also as Vice president of IPO CAPITAL PARTNERS co., ltd. engaged in ICO management consulting.

  • Hiro Rokugawa


    Managing Partner, OGASAWARA KONNO & ROKUGAWA Law Firm in Tokyo, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Chicago, Illinois USA in 2002. Visiting Scholar to Stanford University, Palo Alto, California USA in August 2005.
    Joined Ogasawara Konno & Rokugawa in 2008 following Hori & Partners, Tokyo, Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP, Chicago, and Baker & McKenzie, Tokyo.

  • Shigeaki Hakusui

    Blockchain Specialist

    Shigeaki Hakusui majored in theoretical physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and high energy physics at the graduate school. He has been working in the USA since 1976 as a user/developer from the Internet creation period.
    Not only software, he also invented and developed an embedded system in medical and communication fields. In 2012, developed a UNICHAIN which is called block chain 3.0. and developed own security in Fin-Tech field, such as development of original security E2E. In 2017, he joined the token chat project. In addition, he served as an advisor/counselor for FCC, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, NTT, NTT DATA, and SoftBank.

  • Yoshihisa Kuroda

    IPO Specialist

    IPO Capital Partners Ltd,. CEO He has played a leading role in the securities and financial markets for over 30 years. He started a career as a salesman at a securities company. After that, he worked at the stock exchanges and was working to create rules for securities trading.
    Participated in the establishment of NASDAQ JAPAN by Softbank Corp (CEO Masayoshi Son) in 1999. He experienced the establishment of a stock exchange.
    Later he Established IPO Securities Co., Ltd. in 2003. That securities firms were as a specialized securities company for linsing IPO and has assumed the position of Representative Director.
    He is an IPO specialist who also deals with raising funds from overseas markets and other sources while also conducting capital increase arrangements and advising M&A’s.

  • Jonathan Pasternak

    Security Specialist

    Jonathan Pasternak received his Bachelor’s degree at Fairleigh-Dickinson University, New Jersey, and his MBA at Tel Aviv University.
    He is a senior partner at Tech Trends Management Consultants and has advised more than 100 companies and government organizations specializing in corporate and marketing strategy. He also designed and performed the management of national entrepreneurship projects.
    His broad experience as a marketing planning strategist for leading credit card companies and as an entrepreneur of FinTech startups focused on international microfinance payments, encouraged him to investigate the multicurrency markets and Crypto technology influence.
    As a FinTech enthusiast entrepreneur, he strongly believes in easy access to financial services and digital payments based on multicurrency operations.


  • Emi Wada


    Emiko Wada is from International Christian University. Taking advantage of language experience, she experienced numerous interpreters at an event of 1000 people, attendance of officer classes and so on.
    She is also a professional for 10 years engaged in finance related work, investment advisory business and investment education in stocks / FX etc.
    Currently we conduct advisors of ICO in each country, financial business such as FX, matching overseas ICO companies with Japanese influencers etc.


  • HanbitSoft Inc.

  • Bryllite Ltd.

  • helple holdings Inc.

  • InterVault G.K.

  • uNI Technology Corporation

  • BlockHASH Inc.